Restigouche River Experience Centre

NOTICE: The Restigouche River Experience Center has modified its operations for the 2021 season due to COVID-19.

Please call us to verify which activities and services are available.

The Restigouche River Experience Centre is a tourist-oriented facility whose architectural features are inspired by the famous fishing camps along the Restigouche River.

From the decor to the tourist amenities and culinary offerings, every aspect of the Centre is designed to provide visitors with a unique and memorable experience, not only of the Restigouche River and its salmon/fishing history, but also of local residents.

Emphasizing the peaceful co-existence of the Acadian, Scottish and Mi’gmaq communities, the Centre offers a glimpse into their respective histories, including various package tours focusing on these unique cultures.

You are sure to be delighted by the natural beauty of the surrounding countryside. Set on the banks of the Restigouche River with the Appalachian Mountains forming a majestic backdrop, the Centre has no shortage of breath-taking views!

Why not extend your vacation and experience the Restigouche River at the campsite next to the Centre? An unforgettable time is guaranteed for all!

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